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Windows Reference

A quick reference page for popular windows commands, tried to cover win7 and windows 2008 r2, you will not find depricated ones

Vssadmin-volume shadow copy services
wbadmin-windows backup admin util
wdsutil-windows deployment server util win2k8
winsat-system assessment for windows util
verify -verify if file is written properly !!
vol-disk volume info
ver-OS version
umount-unmount NFS mounted drive
type- display contents of text file

tree-directory tree
traceart-trace the route on tcp/ip through routers
time-display system time
timeout-stops command processor for specified number of seconds in time scale
title-title for cmd prompt window
tasklist-lists processes
taskkill – =to kill in ux, ends a process with pid
tskill -tnd a process in a terminal session
tsprof-win2k8 set profile path,copies TS user config info from one user to other
win32tm – windows time services
waitfor- send/wait for a signal, used to syncronize PC across network

storrept-storage reports taks and options util
subst-substitute a path with a drive letter
takeown-Admin to take ownership of files
tapicfg-TAPI Telephone svr Administrator
telnet-telnet service
tftp-trivial ftp typically to/from linux

sc – services control manager and services manipulator utility
set- sets variable and string for command or variable
setx- create /modify environment variable
shadow-control active session of remote user through terminal serves
sort- sort data in file
start- new command prompt
schtasks -schedule tasks,add or remove tasks
setlocal-start localisation of env variables in a batch file
shift-changes position of batch param values in a batch file using %<num>
repadmin-win2k8 Active directory replications issue admin with AD LS,DS
replace -file replace
reset -session resetting
rmdir- directory deletion
robocopy -file copy along with access ctrls
route- display IP routing table
runas -run as other user
rpcinfo- info on prg in a remote PC
rwinsta- reset alias
ren -rename file
reg-registry manipulator util
rename-rename files alias to ren

query -quey processes,sessions, ts sessions
quser-user query for session from session
rcp-remote copy
rd- remove dir alias
rdpsign-digitally sign a remote desktop .rdp file in win2k8
recover-recover from bad/defective disk
redirusr-win2k8 redirect default user container to a different container
redircmp-win2k8 redirect default user container

qprocess -query process
qappsvr – display terminal servers on a network
pushd- push pop for directory default current
prompt – the prompt!!
prncfng.vbs -printer configurator
print-text file to printer
prnport.vbs-printer port configurations
pause-stops for key press
perfmon-performance monitor
pnputil-plug anf play options manipulator
pathping-infor on network loss/latence along a network route
openfiles- connect/disconnect files remotely
ntdsutil-AD DS mgnt util win2k8
nslookup-DNS lookup and manipulator utility
nlb -win2k8 network load balancer config
nfstat-reset or display calls made to NFS server
nfsadmin-NFS server client manager
netstat-many options finally to help in networking TCP,UDP connections -a to display active connections
netsh-configure network options, again many options
netdiag-cmd line network diagnostics tool
netdom-manage AD and trust from command line
net-many options for networking key options below
nbtstat- display NetBIOS over TCP/IP cache,it refeshes
mstsc- remote desktop
msiexec-window installer from cmd line
msg-message over terminal server
move- moce file from dir to dir
mountvol-mount a volume
mount-mount NFS from network share
logman -event traces and perf log mgnt
lpr-Line priter prep util
lpq -line printer queue
mapadmin-NFS user name mapping management
md-make directory
mklink -wink2k8 = of creating symbolic link in linux ln -s
mode- displays system ports,device attributes
more -one screen full at one time
ldp-LDAP manipulation utility
label-disk colume lable util
ktpass- configures services eg unix services with server instances in ADDS with kerberos authentication in 2k8
ktmutil-kerel transaction manager for 2k8
lrftp- inforared FTP
lpconfig -TCP/IP configurator

ftype -file type and which exe or prg to use “assigment”
ftp-FTP util
finger- display info about a remote user on a host pc or unix
getmac-get MAC id burnt on the network card
goto-bat prg goto statement
gpresult -list resultant set of policies-used to understand GP inaAD env on usr/PC
hashgen-branch cache content manip in win2k8 env
hostname-host name
lcalcs -Display detailed Access controls for fs entity
if-bat file if
DSget- win2k8 disply properties of a specific directory object
dsmgnt- win2k8 AD LDS util
DSmod -win2k8 AD object modification
dsmove – win2k8 AD object move in tree
dsquery-win2k8 AD query
echo – bat echo/disp
edit-creat ascii txt file
erase-del = delete its alias
eventcreate -create customised event in event log
eventcmd-config event to trap ,its destination etc
exit-batch or session exit
find-string search
filescm-win2k8 file screens and file groups management
findstr -string pattern search
fc-compares files and finds differences
format-formats a disk
freedisk-win2k8 amount of freespace
forfiles-select and execute a command on a file or set of files for batch processes

diskshadow -win2k8 exposes Vol shadow copy, version in win2k8
diskpart – Advanced Fisle system -disk manipulation utility
dsadd-command line tool to add to active directory
dsbutil-Active directory database maintenance
djoin-domain join -PC to server 7,2k8r2
dispdiag – display info dump to file
dnscmd – svr -DNS server mgnt from command line
doskey- recall command,edit cmd line,create macros
driverquery-display dirver details in list
dsacls-server level-access control manipulator for Active directory
diskraid-configure RAID util
diskcopy – diskcopy
diskcomp – compare contents of two floppies 😉 Flintstones days

del-deletes fs entity
defrag-defragmentation util
dcpromo- Install/remove Active directory domain services
clip – redirect to clipboard
cls – clear screen
cluster-win2k8 creation and manipulation of clusters
cmd -new instance of cmd terminal session
cmdkey -create/list credentials (usernames/password)
color-backgroud/foreground colour
comp- byte by byte file comparision
compact- NTFS file cmopression
convert -fat and fat32 to ntfs
copy -file copy but we employ  roboz
cmstp-svr 2k3,2k8 -connection manager service display/manip
cscrit-scripting env
csvde-SVR 2k8 /2k3 import/export active dir
dcdiag -2k3,2k8 analyses domain controller forest and reports
arp -Networking -ARP cache display (IP to physical translation)
adprep – win svr to prep domain controller for forest schema etc at higher level
append -Win 2008 allows to do tee operations, to open datafiles from cron
attrib- attributes of FS entities display /manipulation
at -win2008 crown scheduling cmd
asso -displays file name association details

auditpol -audit Policy detials like peruser or system level
autochk – 64bit chkdsk in short
bcdedit – command line tool for manipulating boot.ini
bcdboot – repair boot environment
bitsadmin -BITS background -create /download/upload jobs and monitor progress
bootcfg -boot.ini query/edit
break – =ctrl+C
call – call a bat prg
cd -chage directory
certreq -request certificate from cert auth
certutil -display cert config info /of CA – config
change – (change user or port or logon)
chcp – active code page setting
chdir -change directory
chkdsk -check disk for logical / physical errors
chglogon -enables /disables terminal session
chkntfs-disk checking at start
choice -prompt for single choice from vat prg
cipher-display / change encryption of NTFS fs entities

will grow


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