Tech Dreamz Initiative

Mobile Virtualization

Server Press team presents snapshots from its experiments with Android and VMBox, Android deployed of virtualized environment will help in various application development and testing phases for Mobile tablets and smart phone mobiles.

VMbox is opensource freeware untill recently bought by Oracle,we hope it remains in the same status as we found it. VMBox and Android product rights are with owners of respective brands, we have nothing to do with any kind of rights or infringements.
At Server Press Labs we used Oracle VMBox type two hypervisor running on windows host operating system and deployed Android as guest operating system

Resolution can be controlled at boot-up.

Linux kernel

Deep digging can be done with access to pure linux kernel,you may note the build details.

boot up

The boot-up process shows various details which we may fine-tune and optimize the system according to environment and hardware.

Elegant ginger

After initial boot-up sequence the shining Logo smiles at user GUI instantly.

Android Phone GUI

Android Phone GUI presents itself with a side bar on right which will lead to smart mobile functionalities.

Android Smart App GUI

Smart App GUI presents users with endless options as it can be piped to flow from android app store.

try app

Applications can be tested in a virtualized environment to benchmark its performance,if the app is identified as a very interesting idea for app store, its performance parameters may be published so as to select the devices. This open us with a new option for closed eye app development. No more apps development for platform. Platforms can be developed for apps.

Details Build

Internal build details and menu options may be navigated, radio devices or components or apps may be tested.

Android games

Not to miss the billion dollar Games market catch up faster than flu in tablets and mobiles.
Here are the parting details on container infrastructure, in my last snap

Container VMBox

Basic plus Mobile functions


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