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Its quite a common question asked by Fedora contributors . Most of the volunteers interested in IT or development or ambassadors will like to see an abstracted top top level view.

Do not jump on to Raw hide. Best place to start is with the public released edition, try out and get a feel for install, gui, application, new installations, bit of repair work.
Using terminal, reading logs, changing configuration and boot options reporting bugs

Once you are ready read more on release cycle, look for time schedule and try to relate the tasks from calendar.

Its important to understand Release cycle once its done the next thing to understand is release policy.

This will help the readers to understand definitions of Alpha, beta releases.
Next step will be to understand terms like Rawhide and branched release, once its done it should reveal the connections between Rawhide, GA,Alpha,beta and branched releases

Milestones during the release cycle would be the next thing of interest, freeze tasks like ‘feature freeze’ and ‘String freeze’ can be understood.

This should give a broad understanding of generic process from a degree of abstraction.
Tools and other processes which fit in is for next level of understanding.

Once you have a brief idea on the tools, its time to subscribe to the emailing list or read those piper mail to understand current issues and work tasks.

This will give you a generic idea to relate to chats on IRC on specific channels of interest.

Lets go back and look at what happens in Testing phase and its Alpha release sub-phase.
The tasks start with Pre-Alpha Rawhide acceptance testing plan construction.
This is followed by ‘Features’ Submission. Once the testing plan accomodates all the fetures for its testing plan, aplha blocker or freezing tasks start. Alpha blocker meeting and daily bug reviews are done

Once beta is successfully tested, launch phase begins
Pre-Release Candidate (RC) is done before moving to Release but after beta release to iron out any issues.

Fedora  new release take almost 270+ days approx

Alpha release tasks may take approx 170 days
Beta relase tasks may take approx 200 days
Launch phase work will be for 250 days approx

Ambassadors plan for a typical release 


——Final release will have two phases of interest for ambassadors

  •          Testing Phase
  •          Launch Phase

In this Testing phase will have

  • —Alpha release and
  • — Beta release phase

In launch phase
—-Release Candidate and Ambassadors tasks
— release party poster prep

After launch Ambassadors hold release events and publish event reports

High level look at process of release in fedora

A look at qa:

This explains how alphas and rawhide are related and how its picked up.

rel engg caland

refer to past restrospectives


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