Tech Dreamz Initiative

Embedded Virtualization

At Server Press Labs we tried our hands on Virtualizing latest release of Windows Embedded POSReady 2009 (released for testing on 12 Jan 2011). This is a sucessful zero day Virtualization initiative.
Variety of application including bank ATMs worldwide,consumer electronics,industrial controllers,In-vehicle telematics, vehicle infotainment,medical systems,smart phones may employ windows POSReady (Point of Service).Virtualization helps to measure performance,select right hardware components,decide on application configuration,development and debugging applications.
We have used type two hypervisors Windows Virtual PC 2007 and VMBox,the rights and software components belong to the owners,we acknowledge them.

VMBox Safe mode Windows POS 2009

Here is the complete installation on VirtualPC

Installation starts with usual smooth windows GUI

Installation starts

Installation sequence is presented in slide show below with twenty slides.
You may note that Virtual PC snapshot is also shown after complete installation.
We attempted minimal installation, safe mode operation for VMbox while extended installation with normal boot up with complete configurations for VirtualPC shown in last slide.
Installation Slideshow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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