Tech Dreamz Initiative

MSC Software – Solutions Capability

Aerospace & Defense
Ground vibration testing (GVT)
Internal & external loads
Bird strike & ingestion
Assembly & part stress (“loads to notes”)
Vehicle ditching (water, ground)
Aeroelastic static, gust & flutter simulation
Ballistics & weapons simulation
Large scale vehicle assembly modeling
Rotor dynamics
Kinematic simulation of landing gear & wing flaps
Aircraft tie-down load analysis
Random vibration within space vehicles
Orbital heating
Tracked vehicle simulation
Composites modeling & failure analysis
Materials management
Road loads
Durability and fatigue
Air bag deployment
Crash and Safety
Vehicle dynamics
Ride and handling
Fuel Economy
Thermal performance
Drop and impact testing
Strength tests (stress and strain)
Thermal analysis (convection,
conduction, radiation)
Global-local shock analysis
Process automation
Durability and fatigue
Solder joint analysis
Vibration analysis
Circuit Boards
Packaging and shipping analysis
Mechanical systems modeling & analysis
Systems reliability & mission analysis
Weapons systems modeling & analysis
Ground vehicle simulation
Amphibious vehicle modeling & analysis
Chassis and driveline modeling & analysis
Spacecraft modeling & analysis
Ship & submarine simulation
Shock & vibration testing
Ballistics modeling & analysis
Simulation driven design portals
Simulation based acquisition systems
Advanced materials research & insertion
heavy equipment
Tracked & wheeled vehicle
modeling & analysis
Soft soil interaction
Balancing reach and agility
requirements with stability & safety
Controls system design
Noise & vibration analysis
Obstacle traversing
Durability “hot spot” predictions
Design optimization for shape,
weight & cost
Hydraulic & pneumatic cylinder
modeling & analysis
Seal modeling & analysis
biomedical industry
Stent analysis & deployment
Dental implants & restorative procedures
Biomechanics & stress analysis of joint replacements
Contact lenses & intraocular implants
Hospital beds & patient comfort studies
Device-tissue contact
Drug delivery devices
Radiology & imaging equipment
Pacing devices including pacemakers
& defibrillators
Blood flow analysis
Medical packaging studies
Simulation Data & Process Management for FDA Compliance
Soft Tissue Modeling
Ship modeling automation
Underwater shock analysis
Sloshing & ship dynamics
Strength & hull integrity
Buckling analysis
Fatigue life prediction
Acoustics & noise propogation
Wave loading
Shaft & hull vibration
On-board equipment modeling & analysis
transportation industry
Chassis modeling & analysis
Body engineering
Engine modeling & analysis
Powertrain modeling & analysis
Seal & bearing analysis
Chassis analysis
Vehicle dynamics
Durability & fatigue
Virtual test track
Loads prediction & modeling
Noise & vibration (NVH)
Crash & safety analysis
Full vehicle modeling & analysis
Fuel economy
Tire modeling & analysis
Energy industry
Gear & bearing analysis
Turbine system modeling & analysis
Composite blade modeling & analysis
Packer seal analysis
Wave loading & structural integrity
Fatigue analysis
Motion & systems analysis
Stress & strain analysis
Thermal & heat transfer analysis
Machinery industry
Gear & bearing modeling and analysis
Durability & fatigue analysis
Hydraulics & pneumatics simulation
Controls system modeling & analysis
Structural analysis
Noise & vibration analysis
Seal analysis
Pump modeling & analysis
Motion analysis for mechanisms
& systems
Weight & shape optimization
Conveying equipment simulation
Material handling simulation
Turbine & rotating machinery
modeling & analysis
Packaging industry
Top load, empty and filled
Temperature Cycling
Pressure and Vacuum
Drop, empty and filled
Side loads, squeezing
Filling and conveying
Manufacturing, thermal forming
Consumer Products industry
Structural analysis
Drop & impact testing
Vibration analysis
Motion & mechanism analysis
Durability & fatigue life
Design optimization

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